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Considering the technological developments in the world along with the limitations of existing agricultural inputs in the market, Nofcare Agritech (OPC) Private Limited introduced innovative agricultural inputs for the benefit of the farming community, after years of research, with a bio- availability concept. Nofcare Agritech (OPC) Private Limited formulations are first of its kind as these agricultural inputs are based on eco-friendly fermentation process using cereals and carbohydrates as input raw materials (for manufacturing activity).

The bio-availability concept is to utilize naturally available farm productive raw materials for manufacturing various agricultural formulations for meeting the nutrient requirements along with the enhanced farm productivity proportionate with inputs consumption.

Nofcare Agritech (OPC) Private Limited is offering below UKCERT (USDA-NOP standards) and VEDIC certified products


NOFCARE AGRITECH OPC PRIVATE LIMITED (Research and Technology driven company) promoted by a Young Technocrat – Mrs Anita Pandey in 2022.being young, first generation entrepreneur, founder, and promoter has decided to take up an innovative subject for commercialization for the country, as it is fact that there will be no charm in traditional technologies or products. Mrs Anita Pandey was well aware of the high amount of risk involved in venturing a new subject. However, he trusted that knowledge-based industry with research back up can have a bright future for sustainable business.

Nofcare Agritech (OPC) Private Limited is first of its kind in the concept of “Waste into Wealth” a biotechnology project that was technically wetted and financially supported by SEED COUNCIL. Nofcare is enjoying the best reputation with its funding agencies, Now, Nofcare Agritech (OPC) Private Limited is one of India’s largest industrial fermentation establishments.

Nofcare Agritech (OPC) Private Limited is manufacturing and marketing wide range of “Eco-friendly and Bio- Technology products”. A unique feature of Nofcare Agritech (OPC) Private Limited is having both the “aerobic and anaerobic fermentation facilities” under one roof for dealing with multiple strains simultaneously by using carbohydrates as raw material. By dealing with various microbes including fungus for production, Nofcare Agritech (OPC) Private Limited cater the needs of multiple segments viz., Agriculture (organic agri inputs, bio-fertilizers, bio-Pesticides, bio-control agents, and botanical crop protectors), Organic solvents and Bio-Fuel etc.

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The basic focus of in-house R&D centre is to provide value addition to plant based carbohydrates and proteins. in-house research & development.

Bio pesticides are certain types of pesticides derived from such natural materials as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals. For example, Neem Oil, Tobacco root oil, canola oil and baking soda have pesticide applications and are considered bio pesticides.